19 Feb

Fruit Worthy

This semester, my second semester of clinicals in nursing school, I’m taking a free-elective typing course, Advanced Pharmacology, Medical-Surgical Nursing 2, Mental Health, Med-Surge clinical, and Mental Health clinical. For the last 4 weeks, I haven’t had any clinicals because they want us to learn some of the material before we go use it in a hospital setting. Only having 4 classes has made the last several weeks fly by, but my “easy” couple of weeks are over as of tonight!! Starting tomorrow (and for the next 6 weeks), I’ll have to drive about 45 minutes to a mental facility every Tuesday where I’ll spend 8.5 hour days (7:00-3:30) working with clients. And starting Wednesday (for the next 12 weeks), I’ll drive about 30 minutes to a local hospital and spend 8 hours (7:00-3:00) at my med surge clinicals. I’m not really nervous because I did this last semester, only…

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19 Feb

This Nursing Journey

This weekend, I studied practically from 08:00 to 00:00 (12am), both Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday (Monday) I got to school around 06:30, printed out my week’s worth of powerpoints, assignments, and articles, attended an NSA (Nursing Student Association) meeting until 07:30, and then began studying again until my test assessment test began at 13:00 (1pm).

I wasn’t too nervous about the assessment test because I felt like I knew the material really well. The test covered general survey of the patient, cultural awareness, nose/mouth/throat, breast & lymphatic tissues, and  lung/thoracic assessments. There were a TON of questions about breath & lung sounds – and identifying which sounds corresponded to which “abnormal” physiologic disorder/disease. I’m glad I went over all the lung/thoracic cage abnormals! I ended up with 96 on my assessment test. Yay!

After my assessment test/lecture I stayed up on campus until 20:00 (8pm), studying in the library with…

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19 Feb

Nursing and Respiratory Care

Technology plays a very significant role in the lives of most people. We use technology in different ways and to most, they cannot think what kind of life they have if they do not have technology at their fingertips.

In education, especially in nursing schools it has become a tool that made it possible for many nursing aspirants to be able to study nursing due to the onslaught of technology. In the past, few would think that it can be possible to get a degree by just staying at home. One has to go to a school and get the nursing degree or diploma.

In modern times, all you need is a computer, internet connection and it is possible to go to school, study and earn a nursing degree. Isn’t this a cool thing and a good reason to live in this century?

Aside from that there are other advantages…

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19 Feb

The PT Student

A couple of weeks ago a student Tweeted a semi-frantic question to The PT Student.  @lbroshi said, “Help please!  What are some questions that might come up during a DPT interview?”

Well, it’s hard to say because every program is different.  But, there are some general types of interview questions that everyone with a physical therapy school interview on their schedule will want to know.

The interview committee will likely ask you about your background, your history and your skills.  This is the easy part.  These are just the facts, and the questions will be some variation of the following:

  • What is your undergraduate degree? Where did you earn this degree?
  • Tell me about [this part of your resume] where you did [something].
  • Do you have any experience working with physical therapists?

Most of the time, the committee will be working from your resume and application, and wanting to…

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19 Feb

The Life of a DPT Student

Oh man, being in over my head doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt in class today.

We practiced goniometry the other day in class.  It was more of a free for all type of lab in which we spent most of our time trying to figure things out ourselves.  I learned how to do goniometry in undergrad but most of all the landmarks and such have left me since then. I didn’t worry too much about it.  We were supposed to be meeting up again today to do upper extremity goniometry and I figured that we’d be getting more instruction.  Boy was I wrong.

My class walked in to the lab today and was immediately told to get into groups of three.  One person was going to be the patient, another the PT and the third a clinical instructor.   We were to conduct a patient interview and…

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19 Feb

NextStepU's Blog

Do you find yourself interested in dentistry? Maybe you’re the only person you know of who actually doesn’t mind a trip to the dentist! In fact, dentistyou may even start thinking that you wouldn’t mind cleaning people’s teeth and checking for cavities on a daily basis. Perhaps a career in dental hygiene is for you!


According to The College Board, most dentists attend four years of dental school after earning a bachelor’s degree. If you would like to be a specialist, additional years of training are necessary. While you’re still in high school, it’s important to focus on math and science courses as well as classes that will enhance your communication skills. Knowing a foreign language will also prove to be helpful so that you will be able to speak with more patients.

What to know before you apply

When diving into the college search, students interested in dentistry…

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19 Feb

Marc K. Hafkin

The NDA is a unified organization of individual members committed to: encourage improvement of the health of the public; promote the art and science of dentistry; and represent the interests of its members and the public whom it serves.

Established in 1868, the 985 member Nebraska Dental Association is a professional membership association of persons licensed to practice dentistry in Nebraska. Through it’s active members, the Association strives to promote and enhance the dental profession by assuring a proper, legal framework in which to practice, promoting educational opportunities to learn the “states-of-the-art” in dental techniques and technologies and increasing public awareness of good dental practice.

Advertising in the NDA Newsletter

The NDA has several venues for advertising your products and services through classified and display ads. Have a practice or equipment to sell? Need an associate? Have office space to rent? Place your ad in the NDA Newsletter…

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